Uganda Short Trips

1 Day Jinja Trip – Sezibwa Falls, Mabira Forest & Source of the Nile

source-of-the-nile-jinja-ugandaThis is arguably the best day tour in Uganda as it offers a variety of interesting experiences, ranging from learning about the ancient traditional culture, rocking climbing, waterfall viewing, trekking in the forest, primate viewing, and boat riding. The trip starts off from Kampala driving to eastern Uganda and along the way you visit the Sezibwa Falls and Mabira rainforest, before getting to Jinja where you visit the source of the world’s longest river  – The Nile.

1 Day Chimpanzee Tour Ngamba Island

chimpanzee ngamba islandThe Ngamba Chimpanzee island is found on Lake Victoria and is accessible by a boat from the lake shores in Entebbe. The forested island measuring only 100 acres offers sanctuary to over 40 orphaned Chimps. Visitors to the island watch the Chimps from a raised platform while the chimps are being with fruit behind a fence. This is wonderful day tour especially for families with young ones since there is no age restriction.

2 Day Chimpanzee tracking Kibale Forest National Park

chimpanzee tracking ugandaKibale Forest National Park has the biggest population of Chimpanzees in Uganda and for that matter it is the prime destination for Chimpanzee tours. On this tour you shall set out to track a community  of habituated Chimps during which you are chanced with observing several other primates, lots birds and other forest life. At the edge of park is a large wetland which you shall explore to observe several primates and plenty of wildlife. Note that the Chimp trek has an age limit of 15 years

2 Day Sipi Falls & Jinja Adventure

source-of-the-nile-jinja-ugandaThe tour offers a range of adventures in eastern Uganda. The biggest highlight is hiking to three beautiful waterfalls of the Sipi Falls located in the foothills of Mt Elgon. Other tours on this trip are to the Sezibwa Falls, Mabira rainforest and the Source of the Nile in Jinja before proceeding to Mbale where you shall set base before hiking the Sipi Falls.

2 Day Lake Mburo Safari

Lake Mburo is the nearest national park to Kampala, reachable within 3 hours drive on a smooth paved road to western Uganda. It is the smallest of the savanna parks however it supports a variety of habitats which harbor plenty of wildlife including 68 mammals and over 350 species of birds. It is popular for her many herbivores which include Zebras, Giraffes, Eland, Impala, Topi, Buffalo, Waterbuck, etc… Activities to do in the park that will expose to the beautiful scenery and amazing wildlife include a game drive, nature walk and boat safari

3 Days Gorilla trekking tour Bwindi Forest

mountain gorillas bwindi ugandaMountain Gorilla trekking is one of the most globally sought after wildlife adventure that offers tourists a rare chance to come up close with wildlife Gorillas in the forest. You will travel to southwestern Uganda by road and set out to track these endangered primates in Bwindi Forest which is home to close half of the remaining population of Mountain Gorillas. The experience has an age restriction of 15 years and over

3 Days Fly-in Gorilla trekking Bwindi with Lake Mutanda

This package offers tracking of the Mountain Gorillas in the furthest part of Bwindi National Park but with the best scenery! You are set to travel by air to Kisoro and stay at the beautiful Lake Mutanda surrounded by mystic highlands and backdropped by the Virunga ranges – the ideal base for the Gorilla trek in Bwindi!

3 Days Big Five Safari – Murchison Falls National Park & Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

lion murchison falls ugandaThis is the ideal trip for big game viewing in Uganda that will give you the chance to see all the famous “big five”. The trip combines Uganda’s largest national park Murchison Falls, and Ziwa Wildlife Sanctuary that has Uganda’s only wild rhinos. The tour sets off from Kampala going northwards, stopping over at the Ziwa Wildlife Safari to track the Rhinos, then proceeding to Murchison Falls where game drives and a boat ride on River Nile will expose you to plenty of wildlife and beautiful savanna scenery. You shall also do the hike from the base to the top of the spectacular Murchison Falls.

3 Days Queen Elizabeth National Park Safari

elephants-queen-elizabeth-national-parkQueen Elizabeth National Park is popular for her exhilarating volcanic scenery and the Tree-climbing Lions. This tour includes game drives in the park and a boat ride on the Kazinga Channel for sightings of big game and exploring the beautiful landscape dotted with several volcanic features such as the beautiful crater lakes.

3 Days Ultimate Outdoor Uganda Adventure

white-water-rafting-ugandaThis tour to eastern Uganda is perfect for the outdoor adventure enthusiasts. The tour itinerary includes trekking in Mabira forest, boat trip to the source of the Nile,  quad biking along the Nile, hiking and abseiling at Sipi Falls, but the biggest highlight of them all is full day white water Rafting on the Nile.

4 Day Murchison Falls National Park  – Chimp trek in Budongo Forest and Wildlife Safari

Murchison Falls National Park is home to a big population of Chimpanzees in Budongo Forest and many animals in the savanna grassland. On this trip you explore the northern part of the park to see animals, go on a boat cruise along the Nile that too will provide more animals and hike to the top of the spectacular Murchison Falls. You then cross to the south of the park for the Chimp trek and enjoy serene jungle experience in Budongo Forest.

4 Day Uganda trip: Jinja day tour – Sipi Falls hike – Murchison Falls Safari

This trip combines activities through eastern Uganda and the Murchison Falls safari in the north. In eastern Uganda you will do the Jinja day tour – which includes tours at the Sezibwa Falls, Sipi Falls, & the Source of the Nile – and then hiking the Sipi Falls at Mt. Elgon. After the eastern experience you continue to north for wildlife safari in the Murchison Falls National Park.

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