The Congo Nile Trail Rwanda – Hiking, Biking, 4×4 driving

The Congo Nile divide trail is the prime adventure destination in Rwanda for travelers to explore one of Africa’s most beautiful regions. The Congo Nile trail offers arguably the best opportunity to experience Rwanda’s remarkable natural beauty and marvelous scenery.

The Congo Nile trail measures 227 kilometers between Gisenyi and Kamembe, covering the western province of Rwanda that is incredibly scenic and has a series of attractions and experiences one can do. Along the trail you are treated to the endless views of the tea and coffee plantations, panoramic views of the rolling hills, waterfalls. The trail has three beautiful lake side towns where you make a stopover for activities on the lake and relaxation at quiet natural beaches. You will travel through a series of typical African villages with incredibly warm and welcoming people.

The trail can be covered by either hiking, or biking or 4X4 driving, or a combination of the three in addition to boat rides on Lake Kivu.

The Highlights of the Congo Nile trail

  • The trail winds up in the south at the doorstep to the incredible Nyungwe Forest National Park, Africa’s largest rain mountain forest. The forest harbors many primates including Chimps and an array of endemic bird species.
  • Walk along the lake Kivu Shores through coffee, banana and tea plantation
  • Breath clean air, swim crystal-clear water and see millions of stars at night
  • Enjoy hiking, biking, 4X4 driving, wildlife and sightseeing. Birds and monkeys are sighted along the trail
  • Relax while orphans of Mugonero entertain you with typical Rwandan traditional dance
  • Ride a bike to the top of Congo Nile divide and spend the day at 2630 m altitude
  • Try catching fish at Bralirwa bay and enjoy the local food while interacting with the local people
  • Escape to Nkombo Island to discover the unique culture of the Nkombo residents, the biggest in the Rwandan side of Lake Kivu
  • A destination to quiet your mind and regenerate your spirit

About hiking the Congo Nile trail

The Congo Nile trail trek sets off from the north at the most popular lakeside town of Lake Kivu – Gisenyi, Rubavu District – which is famous for beautiful sandy beaches and several hotels. It is here that many travelers after doing the Gorilla trek in Volcanoes National Park come to enjoy a beautiful relaxation experience. Lake Kivu is great for a number of water activities including boat cruises.

The Congo Nile journey goes southwards along Lake Kivu, taking you to a number of tourist attractions including roadside coffee and tea plantations with endless views, waterfalls and watershed.

Crossing 5 Western Province’s districts, with more than eight amazing base camps and accommodation facilities, three bonus sub trails which offers diverse experiences, breathtaking scenic views and a thousand kids smiles makes up a hiking lifetime experience!

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