Night walks introduced in Nyungwe Forest National Park

Finally, our prayers have been answered! In addition to the amazing day experiences in Nyungwe National Park such as the chimpanzee trekking, canopy walk and nature walks, tourists can now do a night walk in Nyungwe Forest National Park to look for the nocturnal life and experience the hair-raising and adrenaline inducing night atmosphere of this rich mountain jungle – a 2021 candidate for the UNESCO World Heritage Site status.

Nyungwe Forest National Park, protecting an ancient and diverse mountain forest in the Albertine rift region that keeps a lot of unique wildlife & amazing sights is the best place in Rwanda for one to experience the African forest and discover several species of monkeys and primates, track chimpanzees, see birds and rare plants, reptiles, insects, etc…

Nyungwe has many walking trails available for nature enthusiast to explore this amazing forest, however all of these had been limited to the day, leaving many nature lovers wondering what life comes alive in this jungle when the night falls and how it feels being there at night. In fact, a lot is left unseen when night falls and this night walk will provide a beautiful opportunity to see creatures such as the bush baby and potto.

The night walk has been a big answered prayer for the birdwatchers who have always wanted to tick off the nocturnal birds of this forest. Therefore, birders planning a birding tour in Rwanda, it is now possible to do night birding in Nyungwe and should not miss it on the itinerary for a chance to tick off especially the Albertine rift endemic nocturnal birds; the Ruwenzori Nightjar and Albertine Owlet.

When do the night walks start in Nyungwe national park

The night walk in Nyungwe is scheduled to start at 5.30pm, which is sunset and darkness is falling over the forest. The night walk ends around 8pm – 9m.

The park guide/s shall have torchlight/spotlight so you may not need to carry one, however I do advise you carry one that you believe will provide the best illumination for you not to miss sightings (birdwatchers especially should carry a spotlight).

All the night walks are guided by the park.

How long are the night walks in Nyungwe national park

The night walk is about 3 hours long. One can decide to return at any time they feel like within this time.

Book this 3 day Nyungwe forest tour and request for the night walk as part of the activities