You do not need a visa to go to Kenya (starting 2024)

Kenya has done it! No visa required to visit Kenya, the land of the Masai Mara.

Towards the end of last year 2023, the President of Kenya, Mr. William Ruto, announced that from 2024 every traveler from any part of the world going to Kenya will not need a visa to visit the country. This effectively abolishes the visa fees and the bureaucracy requiring applying for the visa in advance.

A single entry visa into Kenya for tourism or business has been costing $51. This can now be saved and diverted toward some curio shopping after a safari trip to Masai Mara.

Kenya will perhaps become the first African country to do away with a visa requirement for all visitors; a step which the country’s leadership hopes will open up Kenya for more opportunities coming in. It is expected more tourists will visit Kenya which is endowed with big game destinations and incredible attractions such as Masai Mara famous for the great migration safari and the unique Masai culture, Amboseli National Park the best place to see elephants and the Kilimanjaro Mountain of Tanzania, Nairobi National Park the only game park within a city, etc…

Africa is finally opening her doors to the world by easing access into the continent. Rwanda took the first step, allowing everyone to get their visas on arrival in the country instead of applying in advance which can be hindering for last minute travelers.

Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) to replace the visa

In the place of a Visa, a digital platform called the Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) is to be used where travelers will need to register so that they are identified in advance.

By the start of January the ETA has yet to be implemented, so all travelers (except East African citizens) going to Kenya within this short period before the ETA is rolled out have to apply and pay for the Visa. The visa is applied for online through this link:

We will update this page once the ETA has been fully implemented and list the link provided for use.


Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) is ready!

The Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) is ready, here is the link:

What you need to have at hand before starting the application:

  • Valid passport for at least six (6) months after your planned date of arrival into Kenya, with at least one blank page
  • Selfie or passport-type photo
  • Contact information, email address and phone number
  • Details of your arrival and departure itinerary
  • Accommodation booking confirmation(s)
  • Credit card, debit card or other means of payment (you will be charged a processing fee of $34.09)

The processing time of the ETA is three (3) working days but could take longer



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