Rwanda gorilla trekking permit – 2024 price, how to buy the permits, terms and conditions

To participate in the gorilla trekking tour in Rwanda you require a gorilla tracking permit, or call it a ticket or pass. The gorilla permit or ticket or pass is the most important item of your gorilla tour in Rwanda because without it you cannot visit the gorillas in Volcanoes National Park.

Cost of the Rwanda gorilla trekking permit ticket in 2024

Below are rates for 2023


Category Price (USD)
International tourists 1500
Foreign residents in East Africa 500
African citizens 500
Foreign residents in Africa 500
Rwandan Citizens  200
 East Africa Community (EAC) citizens 200

Note the following:

Foreign Residents in Rwanda, East Africa Community (Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, South Sudan and Democratic Republic of Congo), and African countries must have a minimum of four consecutive months’ residency status / work permit in their passport or diplomatic card to qualify for the foreign resident offer.

East African residents/citizens need to provide EAC ID Cards or Passports

From the month of June to September, Rwanda citizens, East African citizens, and African citizens, have to purchase the promotional permits not less than a month to the trekking date otherwise the full fee of $1500 shall apply.

Why is the Rwanda gorilla permit so expensive?

The expensive Rwanda gorilla permit pass means more revenue going into the community as 10% off each permit is channeled towards direct developments in the communities neighboring the gorillas. Schools, hospitals, and income generating projects, have been set up from this revenue. In the process, after seeing the direct benefits from the gorillas the local communities happily protect the park and the gorillas which they would previously poach.

Also, the expensive permit has increased revenue toward conservation efforts for the gorillas and the park. Already there is an ambitious project to expand the boundaries of the park, as the conservation efforts are paying off and gorilla population increasing the park is becoming smaller…

How to buy/book the gorilla permit in Rwanda

You buy/book a gorilla permit through a local tour operator in Rwanda. You can send us an email to help you buy your gorilla permit ticket (

When can I buy the Rwanda gorilla permit?

As only 8 people can track a habituated gorilla permit per day, and there are 12 habituated gorilla families in Rwanda, hence a maximum of 96 permits are issued per day, you need to book your permit well in advance. Months of June, July, August and September are high tourism season and permits sell out well in advance so you need to book several months before.

Can I get a refund after purchasing the gorilla permit but I am unable to travel to Rwanda for the gorilla trek?

No refund is given for cancellation of the trip for any reason

Can I change dates after purchasing the gorilla tracking permit?

Yes, a gorilla trekking in Rwanda can be rescheduled after purchasing it, but at a cost of 30% of the price of the gorilla permit.

Can I be refunded if I miss the gorillas during the trek?

Yes, tourists who track the gorillas and fail to see them will be refunded 75% of the gorilla tracking fee.

However, there are very few chances of missing the gorillas.

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