Is Rwanda the easiest country to visit in Africa?

Rwanda is setting the pace in Africa, doing things differently from most African countries.

While other African countries come up with new restrictions every other day for travelers, Rwanda is instead positioning herself as one of the easiest countries to visit and travel in.

Below are reasons why Rwanda may be the easiest country to visit

Open door policy

Rwanda has adopted an open door policy that allows all people in the world to visit Rwanda without getting a visa in advance. Every person from any country can travel to Rwanda and get his or her visa on arrival at the border or the airport.

The open door policy is perhaps one the strongest reasons that make Rwanda the easiest country to visit. If you decide to travel to Rwanda today, you just need to get onto the plane, arrive at the Kigali International Airport where your visa is promptly issued and you are in Kigali City – Rwanda’s capital.

Rwanda has built a reliable national airline (Rwanda Air)

Rwanda’s national airline, Rwanda Air is making traveling to Rwanda easier. Rwanda Air currently has direct flights outside Africa to/from four major world cities. The airline flies to/from London (UK), Dubai (UAE), Guangzhou (China), and Mumbai (India). Meanwhile, more routes to other cities and continents are in the offing.

If therefore you are traveling from any of these continents, you just have to visit the Rwanda Airline website and book your seat (

Safest (and most organized) country in Africa

Rwanda is an oasis of peace and security in the heart of a volatile central Africa. The country is located near the Congo, a hotbed of insurgencies, and given Rwanda’s tragic past the country has built one of the most formidable security and intelligence systems which has combated any threat to peace and safety in Rwanda.

Only in Kigali, Rwanda’s capital, can you walk in any area at any time, while using your phone without constantly looking over your shoulder in fear of losing it to thieves.

Nothing makes traveling in country easier than the feeling of being safe wherever you go.

Superb transport system and organized country

Public transport is one of the biggest challenges to travel within the chaotic African cities. Taking a passenger bus in most African cities comes with a risk of getting lost, arriving late, getting an accident or being robbed.

Rwanda has one of the most organized public transport system in Africa. There are public buses in the city that are cashless and require just a tap-and-go card which is also easy to get. The buses are also fitted with speed governors to avoid over speeding that would leads to accidents. The roads are well paved and traffic is well managed, with everyone adhering to the traffic laws.

Those who do not want to travel cheaply in public buses, there are ride-hailing apps for both cars and motorcycles.

Excellent infrastructure

The organized transport is made possible by excellent roads that are well marked and have walkways for pedestrians, and pedestrian crossings are respected by motorists (unachievable in sub-Sahara Africa).

Certain streets in the city have been turned into car-free-zones accessible only by pedestrians.

Amazing people with Great hospitality

Rwandans are amazingly friendly people who will go out of their help strangers. Everyone is eager to help you if they realize you are a visitor, unlike in other countries where many people are eager to take advantage of visitors.

In places where one needs to queue up for a service, a stranger will taken to the front so that she or he is served immediately!! Where in the world do you find this??!!!

A small country that is easy to explore

Rwanda is a small country with a size of about twenty six thousand squre kilometers. The small size and excellent road network and safety make visiting and exploring easy.

Popular destinations such as Volcanoes National Park where gorilla trekking takes place is just about two hours drive from the capital Kigali. The country’s big five safari destination, Akagera National Park, is also just about 2 hour drive from Kigali.

English and French languages widely spoken

Two international languages, English and French, are widely spoken making Rwanda more accommodating to speakers of these two widely spoken languages.

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