Rwanda Short Trips

Have just one day and want a day tour out of Kigali, be it to track the gorillas, enjoy a safari in the savannah to see animals, experience rural life in Rwanda etc…? Please check this page where we have listed great tour options and prices depending on number of people. But if you can afford to spend at least one night please go ahead and check the many great tours given below.

mountain gorilla in rwanda If you visit Rwanda, gorilla trekking or tracking is the number tour to think about first. The gorilla tracking adventure offers a once in a lifetime chance to watch gorillas in their natural home. Rwanda offers arguably the best gorilla tracking experience with a short trip of only 2 hours drive from Kigali/airport to the Volcanoes National Park and the mountains providing a stunning backdrop to the adventure. This 2 day gorilla tour in Rwanda is great for visitors flying into Rwanda for a conference, business or short trip .

gorilla trek rwandaThis 1 day gorilla trip starts at 4.30am from Kigali to go track the gorillas in Volcanoes National Park and then come back to Kigali in one day. This tour is ideal for business travelers who have come to Rwanda for business or a conference but have only one day to spare and yet they want to see the gorillas in Rwanda. Also, since the gorilla permit costs $1500, you save on extra expenses such as accommodation.

giraffe in Akagera national parkBook this 2 day trip to Akagera National Park for a rewarding safari experience in Rwanda. You shall see a variety of wild animals such as Giraffes, Zebras, Hippos, Crocodiles, Antelopes, Lions, etc… The park may not be as massive as the big game parks & wildlife reserves in the East African region in terms of volume of animals, but it boasts one of the best scenery in Africa.

Bisoke Crater LakeThis is the trip to book if you want to do a short hiking tour in Rwanda. Mount Bisoke (3711m) offers by far the most exciting day hike in the Volcanoes National Park, and will reward you with breathtaking views of the Virungas given it sits almost in the middle of the chain of the 7 Virunga volcanoes, plus you will see rare mountain life including a chance of encountering the mountain gorillas. However, the biggest highlight of hiking Mt. Bisoke is the massive crater lake in the peak!

Chimpanzee Tracking RwandaThis 2 day trip is one of the best short trips that nature lovers can do on a visit to Rwanda. The tour will give you the ultimate chimpanzee tracking adventure in Nyungwe National Park which is home to about 500 chimps, hence one of the best places to see chimps in the wild. A trip to Nyungwe is not complete without the canopy walk which offers amazing views across the mountain forest and eye-level views of the inhabitants of the forest canopy such as monkeys and birds.

rwanda golden monkeysBook this 3 day tour to trek in the Virunga mountains and get up close and personal with the mountain gorillas of Rwanda. The Virungas are also home to the golden monkeys, an endangered species of monkeys that is unique to the Virunga mountains. The golden monkeys are incredibly beautiful and very active monkeys, and an encounter with them in the lush bamboo forest in the base of the mountains is a wonderful adventure and as such a great addition to the gorilla trip in Rwanda.

canopy walk nyungwe forest rwandaThis 3 day Nyungwe tour offers you more time to experience the incredible biodiversity of Nyungwe National Park. The chimpanzee trek and canopy walk tour are the prime experiences on this trip, and you will also be able to add other optional activities such as: a forest hike that will expose you to more wildlife in Nyungwe forest, colobus monkeys trek to observe and photograph the beautiful Angolan colobus monkeys and a tea plantation tour.

lake kivu rwandaBook this tour to go explore the beautiful Nyungwe Forest where you will do the chimpanzee trekking and canopy walk adventures. After the adventures in Nyungwe Lake Kivu shall provide a wonderful place to retreat and relax. Lake Kivu is Rwanda’s biggest lake and one of the most beautiful in the region.

giraffe in Akagera national parkThe 3 days trip to Akagera National Park will give you enough time to explore the different parts of the park and you will be impressed by the huge wildlife diversity and amazing scenery. Akagera National Park protects the only savanna habitat in the aptly named “land of a thousand hills” Rwanda and offers an amazing safari experience. Expect to see buffaloes, giraffes, lots of antelopes, hippos, and crocodiles among others.

giraffe in Akagera national parkIf you are looking for a more fulfilling hiking adventure in Rwanda then book this tour. On this tour you will do a 2 day hike on Mount Karisimbi (4507m) which is the highest volcano in the Virunga Mountains and it is the 5th highest mountain in Africa. You will spend an overnight camping on the mountain

giraffe in Akagera national parkDid you know you can start from Kigali and go for a gorilla trekking trip in Uganda? Yes, you can! Book this 3 day tour and go see the gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National park in Uganda. The gorilla trekking permit in Uganda ($600) is way cheaper than in Rwanda ($1500), and therefore if you are in Rwanda but cannot afford the Rwanda gorillas then you can opt do the trip in Uganda. Bwindi National Park is about 4 hours drive from Kigali

mt bisoke hikeMost tourists visit Volcanoes National Park to track the the Mountain Gorillas for which it is popular, however there is a range of other exciting adventures that one can do there and that aren’t as pricey as the Gorilla trek. This tour covers many of these activities including Volcano hiking, Golden monkey tracking, Culture tour to Gorilla Guardians village, and visit to the beautiful twins lakes near Volcanoes National Park.

mt bisoke hikeThis 4 days tour shall take you to Lake Kivu in the west of Rwanda for adventures such as boat excursions, kayaking, swimming etc… You will visit the two lake sides of Gisenyi and Kibuye and gain diverse experiences.

mt bisoke hike

After the incredible gorilla trek in Volcanoes National Park that is physically demanding, the best place to relax is beautiful Lake Kivu which sits in the shadow of the Virunga mountains.

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