Rhinos in Rwanda, 30 more introduced in Akagera National Park

Rwanda has received 30 more Rhinos that will roam in Akagera National Park, Rwanda’s big game country. The 30 rhinos that are of the White Rhino species are an addition to the small population of Black Rhinos that were the first reintroduction of Rhinos in Rwanda’s wilderness in 2017 after many years of absence. This Black Rhino population has been thriving in the vast and diverse Akagera wilderness that will now host the White Rhinos too, being one of the places lucky to host both species of the Rhinos.

The 30 White Rhinos were got from South Africa’s &Beyond Phinda Game Reserve. Special credit goes to the Howard G. Buffet Foundation for providing the funding. The translocation of 30 rhinos has been hailed as a historic feat because it is the largest single Rhino translocation ever undertaken.

Photo by: Gael Vande Weghe

With this increase in the rhino population, and other members of the famous big five (Lion, Leopard, Buffalo, Elephant) increasing and thriving in the park, Akagera National Park is on the road to making Rwanda a destination of choice for a lifetime big game safari, a country most famous for the ultimate gorilla trekking experience!

It will now be easier to see rhinos on safari trip to Akagera National Park because White Rhinos which are grazers (feed downward on grasses) occupy grassy open areas in contrast to Black Rhinos which are browsers (feed upward on leaves of shrubs & trees) and occupy thickets where they are harder to see.

Safety of the rhinos in Akagera National Park

One can argue that Akagera National Park is one of the safest national parks for Rhinos in Africa. The park is fenced and patrolled on the daily basis. Tracking technology has been established in the park to monitor the movement of certain animals in the park. Akagera National Park thus provides a perfect sanctuary for rhinos that are facing immense threats from poaching for the Rhino horn.

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