3 days safari trip to Amboseli National Park

Animals in Amboseli National ParkBook this 3 day safari trip to Amboseli National Park to visit the home of elephants, and, arguably the best place to see the roof of Africa – the Kilimanjaro Mountain! Amboseli National Park is a dusty plain at the base of the Kilimanjaro Mountains that is filled with lots of animals and birds. If you visit Kenya, Amboseli National Park is one of the places you must not miss to go on safari as it offers the best views of many animals that concentrate around wetlands that become oases for wildlife during the long dry spells. Also, if you plan on climbing the Kilimanjaro Mountain in Tanzania, it is worthwhile to take a safari trip to Amboseli to catch the epic shot of this dusty plain that reveals an incredible view of the snow capped Kilimanjaro Mountain while enjoying a wonderful wildlife experience.

On this 3 day safari tour to Amboseli National Park you will do three safari drives in the park that will allow you explore all accessible parts of the park and therefore spot as much wildlife as possible.

Amboseli 3 day trip itinerary

Day 1 – travel to Amboseli and afternoon safari drive

You will be picked from your hotel in Nairobi at 7am and leave for Amboseli National Park. This will be a 5 hours drive that will include a few stops at local fruit markets and curio shops, and nice viewpoints to take in the lovely landscape.

You will arrive at your lodge in or near Amboseli National Park and check in for lunch and have a bit of relaxation as you enjoy the epic views of the Kilimanjaro.

At about 3pm you shall drive into the park for your first safari drive in this dusty plains and immediately you shall enjoy wonderful sightings of a range of wildlife. The yellow baboons, giraffes, zebras, warthogs, Thompsons gazelles, Grant’s gazelle, elephants, wildebeest etc.. will usher you into this beautiful wilderness.

At sunset you shall drive back to the lodge for dinner and overnight.

Day 2 – full day safari drive in Amboseli national park

Today you shall breakfast by 6.30am and with your lunchbox in hand you set off to the park for a full day safari drive.

Today you shall explore more drive trails especially those known to provide best of chances of sighting the cats; Hyena, lions, and leopard. Amboseli provides good chances of seeing the lions and hyenas, however you will need a bit of luck to see the leopard.

At noon you shall drive to the base of the observation hill and take a short hike to the top of the observation point on the hill. Here you will unpack your lunchbox and eat your snacks while enjoying a birds view of the magnificent Amboseli wilderness of dusty plains littered with lush greenery of marshlands where lots of animals will going to quench the afternoon thirst, and backdropped by the rugged hills and the Kili in the far distance.

At the end of the day you will retire with big check list of animals and birds, and wonderful shots of the dusty plains and epic backdrop of the Kilimanjaro mountains.

Optional: Balloon safari in Amboseli National Park

To spice up your safari in Amboseli National Park you can add the Balloon Safari to your trip. The balloon safari will give wonderful views of the Kilimanjaro and the magical sunset of the beautiful wilderness. The balloon safari will also enhance your game experience as you may spot wildlife in hidden places where the car cannot rich especially during the wet season when the wetland overflow and make many areas of the park unreachable.

The balloon safari starts at around 6am and the flight is about one hour long. After the balloon safari you would then continue with the safari drive.

Day 3 – short safari drive and drive back to Nairobi

Today you may decide to go back for another safari drive in the Amboseli before driving back to Nairobi or continuing to Arusha, Tanzania via the Namanga land border.

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