Lake Mburo National Park


Lake Mburo National Park is located in the highly scenic western Uganda along the Kampala – Mbarara highway in Kiruhura District, only 3 hours drive from Kampala City making it the nearest park from the capital. It is the smallest of Uganda’s savanna parks covering only about 260 square kilometers. For a small size Lake Mburo National Park supports an impressive diversity of habitats which range from acacia woodland, dry hills, rocky outcrops, open and wooded savanna, lakes and papyrus swamps. The diverse habitats are the reason for the variety of wildlife found in this small park which is great for short trips in Uganda for safaris. 68 mammals and over 350 species of birds have been recorded here.

Animals in Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo National Park is famous for large volume and variety of herbivores (animals which feed on plants). This is partly because of the presence of few predators in the park to feed on them. For instance only one lion is known to live in the park. Other big cats are in small numbers such as Leopard and Hyena.

Back to herbivores, Lake Mburo National Park harbors the only Impala antelopes of all of Uganda’s parks. The elusive gigantic Eland antelopes can best be spotted in this park too, often found grazing in the woodland areas.  Other antelopes include Kob, Waterbuck, Bushbuck, Topi, Klipspringer etc… The beautiful Zebras which are found in only one other park in Uganda (remotely located Kidepo Valley National Park) are the commonest animals in the park that you will spot easily even before moving deeper into the park. The Buffaloes are also easy to come by in the open savanna and along Lake Mburo and other water sources. A group of Giraffes was brought into the park in 2015 thus improving on the diversity of wildlife in the park.

Water animals including Hippos and Crocodiles are many in the park’s largest lake Mburo.

Birds of Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo National Park is a top spot for birding trips in Uganda. The diverse habitats of acacia savanna, woodland, lakes, swamps, and grasslands harbor over 350 species of birds. Some of the most searched species in the park include the African Finfoot, Brown-chested Plover, Southern Ground Hornbill, Spot-flanked, Red-faced and Black-collared Barbets, White-winged Warbler, Carruther’s Cisticola, Papyrus Gonolek, Yellow-billed Oxpecker, Black-bellied Bustard, Brown Parrot, and Shoebill. Lake Mburo National Park is probably the best place to find the iconic Grey-crowned Crane (Uganda’s national bird).

Activities to do on safari in Lake Mburo National Park

Game Drive

Lake Mburo National Park is a small park that’s easy to explore and in such a short time you will have spotted plenty of wildlife. The early morning hours are most favorable to view animals and catch the magical sunrise over the breathtaking landscape. With the early morning game drive you are chanced to catch the elusive leopard and hyena that are out on a hunt, and luckily could spot some nocturnal before retreating to their hideouts. The herbivores are also very active by this time. The park has wide tracks for easy access to many areas of the park.

Boat safari on Lake Mburo

Lake Mburo supports aquatic life such as hippos, crocodiles, lizards, and water birds which are best observed from the boat safaris. For birdwatchers, the best time for the boat ride is definitely in the morning. The African Finfoot is the most sought after bird there. Other include species of Kingfishers and Herons among others. To see animals, the hot afternoon is the better timing when the Hippos and Crocodiles are by the shores of the lake and other big game such as Buffaloes and Antelopes come to the drink and cool off. The boat ride is a scheduled activity and is normally 2 hours long.

Nature Walk

Morning nature walks are led by armed park ranger. They set off as early as 7am and are a great way to get closer to wildlife and take great photos.

Horseback riding

Other than taking a nature walk, the bush can be explored on a horseback offering you a better chance to get closer to wildlife.


Lake Mburo is one of the popular biking destinations in Uganda. Ride across the lush hills and through the game tracks to observe plenty of game and enjoy the breathtaking scenery.

Game/trophy hunting in Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo National Park is one of the few places in Uganda where trophy hunting is accepted and this because of the large volume of game. Hunting is done in gazetted spots around the park and some of the animals available include: Zebra, Impala, and Eland

Safari Lodges and Tented Camps in Lake Mburo National Park

Luxury: Mihingo Lodge

Midrange: Rwakobo Rock

Budget: Leopard Rest Camp

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