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chameleon hill lodge

Chameleon Hill Lodge is set in one of the most magnificent locations in Uganda, in terms of the beautiful scenery, dramatic landscapes, and is in close proximity for the popular gorilla trekking adventure in Bwindi National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. Found in Kisoro District, southwestern Uganda, the lodge is built on a ridge overlooking Lake Mutanda, thus commanding outstanding views of the lake, and in the distance, a stunning backdrop of cloudy peaks of the Virunga Mountain Volcanoes.

chameleon hill lodge

The landscape all around is simply dramatic – of lush & verdant sprawling highlands that will be engulfed by a thick cloud of mist in the morning, creating a sort of mystical scenery.

The lodge has a unique style of multiple colors; each building painted a different color of the rainbow, which makes it so colorful and stand out beautifully. Its towering iconic castles can be seen from far off, and it is especially fascinating when you catch a glimpse of them from far away en-route to the lodge.

The Chameleon Hill Lodge is a perfect place to get away and relax in such a beautiful, serene & cool setting. The service is quality, and the staff is some of the most hospitable & helpful you’ll come across in Uganda.

While at the lodge, there are a number of activities and adventures guests can partake around the area including the Gorilla trekking in Bwindi National Park – the nearest Bwindi gorilla trekking ranger station is at Rushaga, 40 minutes from the lodge and the next, Nkuringo, is one hour hour drive. Mgahinga Gorilla National Park which is made of the three volcano cones seen forming the spectacular backdrop over Mutanda is about 1.5 hours drive from the lodge and it is popular for volcano hiking and golden monkey treks.

Facilities and Services

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  • The Lobby – housed by the main castle, is comfy with colorful cushions. On arrival, it is here the lodge manager warmly welcomes you, served a glass of juice to refresh, & briefed before proceeding to check in to your room.
  • The Restaurant – serves 3 meals a day, that is, breakfast, lunch & dinner, of both local & international delicacies. Lunch and dinner are served 3 courses (starter, main course & dessert). A daily menu for the main meal course is displayed. Visitors that require special consideration for meals or an alternative from the day’s menu make prior communication with the manager.
  • Tea/Coffee is available in the Restaurant throughout the day.
  • A Bar – located right next to the restaurant, has a good collection of renowned international wines & spirits in addition to the local beer brands.
  • The Lounge, offers comfort on quality seats, sofas with cushions, and magnificent vistas of Lake Mutanda & the impressive landscape. Even better it has a fireplace to make your evenings cozy.
  • A Library – placed in the lounge, has a good collection of travel information & books including field guides of birds, Trees & Shrubs, etc.
  • A large deck, extending from the main house (that houses the Restaurant, Bar, & Lounge) overlooks the magnificent scenery – Lake Mutanda, the lush highlands, & cloudy Volcanoes.
  • Enjoy tasty barbeque around a bonfire under the dark skies in the evening.
  • Evenings are kept entertained with traditional folklore by the local dancing group
  • There is maximum security, with ever present police officers provided by the Uganda Tourism Police, in addition to the private security by the lodge. The region is generally very peaceful & safe.
  • Electricity is provided by a generator, switched on from 7.00pm to 10.30pm.
  • Laundry services are available at small cost.
  • Car parking space within the gates.

Accommodation at Chameleon Hill Lodge

The lodge has a total of 10 chalets that include 5 doubles and 5 twins. Odd numbers are doubles while even numbers are twins.

chalet at Chameleon Hill Lodge

Each chalet comprises of:

  • 1 large bed for the doubles, 2 beds (not as large as those in the doubles) for the twins. In the twins, beds can be pushed together to form a double. An extra bed can be added in the double room on request, for instance to accommodate a child.
  • Mosquito nets over the bed, in spite of this being a mosquito-free area/zone.
  • En-suite bathroom with a toilet, shower, and a wash bowl.
  • Hot shower 24/7. Water heated by a sophisticated gas system.
  • Linen and bath towels
  • Ward robe
  • A Safe
  • Umbrella
  • Extra thick blanket for the colder nights
  • Bottle of drinking water per day
  • A patio with excellent views over Lake Mutanda, highlands & Volcanoes.

In between chalets is a fencing to ensure maximum privacy.

Views & Scenery

views from chameleon hill lodge

Not taking anything away from the quality of services & facilities, the lodge’s biggest leverage are the best views imaginable – from up the lush highlands, to the magical Lake Mutanda & its lush islands below and the sprawling highlands all around it, and to crown it off with a perfect backdrop of the Virunga Volcanic Mountains. The most visible of the volcanoes are Muhabura, Gahinga & Sabinyo whose peaks are cloudy most of the time. On clearer days, other Virunga volcanoes from Rwanda & D.R Congo can be sighted. At night, there is a good chance of spotting magma spilling in the air from the active volcano Ngiragongo, its epic!


Fauna include Chameleons and few bird species due to the elevation: Pin-tailed Whyder, Sunbirds, Hadada Ibis, Pied Pagtail, Malachite Kingfisher, Cormorant, & Common Bulbul.

Attractions & Activities

Chameleon Hill Lodge is strategically located for a number of adventures & activities in the area including:

Gorilla tracking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park – Two Gorilla tracking regions of Bwindi, I.e. Rushaga & Nkuringo are located not very far from the lodge. Rushaga is about 45 minutes drive, while Nkuringo is one hour drive. These two regions have the most numbers of habituated Gorilla groups in the park.

Canoeing & Boat ride on Lake Mutanda – The lodge has a motorized boat that offers a scenic ride and adventure about the Lake Mutanda. Enjoy great views of the terraced & verdant highlands in all directions. An alternative to the motor boat is the dugout Canoe which is more active and adventurous.

Visit some of the Islands of Lake Mutanda, track pythons on the python island, visit the 2 punishment islands that possess skeletal remains of punished criminals, and trek on the Mutanda Island which is the biggest and unlike other islands is inhibited by the community that practice farming. You also get to enjoy excellent views from the islands.

Community & Cultural walks – take to the community trails and experience the traditional lifestyles of the communities, from tiling their terraced gardens, harvesting crops & making their meals, to setting up their homes, it is the an authentic experience of the African traditional society.

Bike through the meandering roads in the highlands and enjoy different views across Lake Mutanda and the lush highlands. You are advised to carry your mountain bikes.

Hiking up the highlands takes you to excellent viewpoints of the brilliant scenery, sprawling highlands & Lake Mutanda. Along the hike you are greeted by warm smiles & kind gestures from the enthusiastic locals which is also a wonderful local experience.

Access – Getting to Chameleon Hill Lodge

It is a 10 hours drive from Kampala to Kisoro town, turn off at Kindly Service gas station and drive for an hour, via Mutolere Hospital. First 2km after turn off are very bumpy with sharp volcanic rocks.

Driver Guides Facilities

An apartment to accommodate driver guides at a very small cost is available, located a stone throw from the main lodge facility. The driver guides have meals from the main lodge restaurant with the guests.

Health and climate

The area is located on a high altitude, at over 1800 meters above sea level, which explains the cold temperatures and lots of rains. It is also free from mosquitoes, hence a malaria-free zone.

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