Budongo Eco Lodge

budongo eco lodge

Budongo Eco Lodge is a mid-range and budget accommodation facility located in Budongo Forest Reserve at the Kaniyo Pabidi ecotourism site, in the south of Murchison Falls Park. It is the only accommodation in this area of Murchison Falls Park where forest activities are carried out such as Chimpanzee tracking and birdwatching. It is a wonderful place to stay and feel so close to nature, for instance the nights are filled with noises from inhabitants of the forest such as the screaming Tree Hyrax, Chimpanzees, Monkeys and birds.

Budongo Eco Lodge is also the location for the start of the trails for several activities at Kaniyo Pabidi ecotourism site such as Chimpanzee tracking and habituation, birdwatching, and nature walks. It is therefore the most strategic accommodation to spend the night for visitors that shall be doing these activities in Budongo Forest.

Also, after the game viewing safaris in the northern side of the Murchison Falls Park where the temperatures are high, Budongo Eco Lodge is a wonderful place to retreat and unwind in a cool and tranquil environment while enjoying sights and sounds of the African jungle.

The lodge’s location near the southern entrance/exit of the park is of advantage in the that the drive time to Kampala or the next destination south of Murchison Falls park is reduced.

Budongo Eco Lodge maintains high eco credentials to minimize any negative effect on this beautiful natural forest. Most of the construction material are natural raw materials such as wood and rocks/stones. Power is provided by solar except during times of bad weather when a generator is used temporarily. All in all, all activities at the lodge ensure that there is no disturbance caused to the rainforest.


  • 6 cabins which include 2 double rooms and 4 twin rooms. An extra bed can be added to the twin room to make it a triple. All the 6 rooms are self-contained (private washrooms). Hot showers are availablebudongo eco lodge room
  • There are 4 dormitories with each dormitory containing 4 beds. For the dormitories the washrooms are shared.budongo eco lodge dormitory
  • Modest rooms to accommodate tour drivers are available at a very small price and meals are provided


  • Wifi is available throughout the day
  • A well stocked bar
  • budongo-eco-lodge-murchison
  • A terrace which also serves as the restaurant. Visitors enjoy a delicious meal while observing nature of the forest. The restaurant serves three meals a day – breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • budongo eco lodge terrace and restaurant
  • A craft shop to purchase souvenirs. All crafts are made by a local women’s group and this is one way the lodge and visitors give back to the community
  • There is maximum security provided the Uganda Tourism Police and the National Forestry Authority (NFA).
  • There is a small library with a collection of books on nature
  • There is electricity is provided by solar which is however limited by the insufficient sunshine due to poor weather and tree. It is therefore supplemented by a generator that will run throughout the night when the solar run outs.
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