4 days Lake Kivu adventure tour

This 4 days tour will give you a memorable adventure experience at Lake Kivu in Rwanda. Lake Kivu is Rwanda’s biggest lake, shared with the Democratic Republic of Congo along the western border. It is located in the Abertine rift valley, surrounded by rolling highlands and lush greenery. It is one of the most beautiful lakes in central Africa. The lake is often added to Rwanda vacation itineraries as merely a brief stopover to rejuvenate especially after trekking in the Volcanoes National Park or Nyungwe forest. However it can offer amazing adventures and this 4 day Lake Kivu tour aims to give you a more active getaway to the lake.

Tour Itinerary

Day 1 – pick up from Kigali and transfer to Lake Kivu

The tour driver shall pick you up from Kigali in the morning and leave for Gisenyi town in the northwest of Rwanda. This is a 4 hour journey. Gisenyi town is the biggest and most vibrant town on Lake Kivu, popular with partygoers and those escaping the hustle and bustle of Kigali while many cross over from Goma town on the side of the lake in Congo. You will spend the rest of the day exploring Gisenyi town.

lake kivu gisenyi rwanda

Day 2 – Day of excursions and relaxation on Lake Kivu

Today you shall do a boat excursion on Lake Kivu to explore the beautiful shores and islands on the lake.

There are other adventures you can do on the lake such as; kayaking, paddle boarding, fishing with locals.

Day 3 – Boat cruise or Kayaking on Lake Kivu from Gisenyi to Kibuye

Today you shall set out to travel from Gisenyi to Kibuye on a boat cruise. Kibuye is calm town on Lake Kivu, a contrast to Gisenyi. It is the ideal town to relax on Lake Kivu. It is also by far the most scenic part of Lake Kivu.

Instead of the boat cruise you can opt for the more adventurous kayaking expedition from Gisenyi to Kibuye. This will take you much longer than the boat but it is very adventurous.


Day 4 – travel to Kigali

Today you shall travel back to Kigali

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