10 days Rwanda and Uganda primates adventure tour

On this 10 day Rwanda and Uganda primates adventure tour you shall see mountain gorillas, chimpanzees and several species of monkeys.

Tour itinerary

Day 1 – Arrival in Rwanda

Today you shall arrive in Kigali, and spend the day at leisure. If you arrive earlier in the day you can go on a tour of Kigali City and visit several places such as the genocide memorial, local markets, art galleries, etc. Here is a Kigali City tour guide.

Day 2 – transfer to Musanze, afternoon canoe ride on River Mukungwa.

canoe ride on River Mukungwa in Musanze

After breakfast you shall travel north to Musanze near the Volcanoes National Park. You will check into your lodge and after lunch you shall go out for the canoe ride on River Mukungwa. This half day adventure is a thrilling way to explore the beautiful landscape, meet up with the locals along the River and watch some wildlife such as birds and otters.

Day 3 – Dian Fossey tomb trail hike or Mt. Bisoke hike

Today you shall go for hiking in the Volcanoes National Park. You will hike the Diane Fossey tomb trail which is situated in the valley between mountains Bisoke and Karisimbi. The trail starts at the base of Mountain Bisoke to the grave and former research center of the famous primatologist Diane Fossey who dedicated her life to studying about the mountain gorillas and advocating for their protection. You will learn about this famous woman who saved the gorillas. Also the trek goes through lush greenery and offers incredible views of the Virunga mountains in Volcanoes National Park. Several wildlife including gorillas, golden monkeys, duikers and rare plant life shall be encountered along the way. It is 3 – 5 hour round hike depending on your fitness.

If you are a hiking or mountain climbing enthusiast you can go for the Mount Bisoke hike. Mount Bisoke is one of the 5 volcanic peaks in the Volcanoes National Park. It is the most popular mountain for day hikes in Volcanoes National Park because it has a beautiful crater lake at the summit and offers wonderful views of the Virungas. Rare plant life, gorillas, golden monkeys and other wildlife can be encountered along the trail. The hike is a 6 – 8 hour round hike.

Day 4 – golden monkey tracking in Volcanoes National Park and transfer to Bwindi


Today you shall do the golden monkey tracking adventure in Volcanoes National Park. The golden monkeys are unique to the Virunga Mountains and stay in the bamboo forests along the base of the mountains. They have a beautiful golden fur coat and their spritely character makes them an exciting encounter. The trek to find them is relatively light as they are at the bottom of the mountains. It will take about one hour to locate them and then you shall have one with the habituated group with more than 100 individuals.

After the golden monkeys expedition you shall travel to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda.

Day 5 – Gorilla trekking in Bwindi National Park

Today you shall go for arguably the biggest highlight of this trip, the gorilla trekking adventure! You wake up early and have breakfast by 6.30m and transfer to Bwindi National Park by 7am. You will be allocated to a habituated gorilla family and then head off into the thick jungles of Bwindi to find the gorillas. Bwindi national park has about 400 gorillas out of the 600 mountains left in the world. It is the park with highest number of mountain gorillas. And about 19 groups have been habituated for the gorilla trekking tours.  The duration of the trek before finding the gorillas can be less than an hour or several hours depending on the location of your assigned gorilla family and its movement. You will then spend only one hour with the gorillas which is an experience of a lifetime.

Optional: gorilla habituation experience

Instead of the gorilla trekking experience which allows only one hour spent with the gorillas and up 8 travelers can trek one group, you can do the more intimate gorilla habituation experience which allows only 4 travelers to trek the gorillas and up to 4 hours of tracking down gorillas and have a chance to see the gorillas for more than just an hour. If you track the gorillas within one hour then you can spend the remaining 3 hours with the gorillas. Here is more about the gorilla habituation experience.

Day 6 – transfer to Lake Bunyonyi

After breakfast you shall transfer to Lake Bunyonyi for a day of relaxation after the tough treks in Bwindi and the Virungas. While at the lake you shall do a boat ride on the lake explore the breathtaking scenery. Lake Bunyonyi is the second deepest lake and possesses one of the best scenery. It is dotted with several lush islands and surrounded by beautiful terraced hills.

Day 7 – transfer to kibale national park

After breakfast you shall check out and transfer to Kibale National Park.

Day 8 – chimpanzee tracking in Kibale forest & afternoon walk in Bigodi wetlands


Today you shall go for the chimpanzee tracking adventure in Kibale forest and meet up with our closest relatives. Kibale National Park is home to the biggest population of chimps in Uganda numbered at about 1500 individuals. It is by far the best place for the chimpanzee trek as it offers 100% chance of seeing the chimps. 12 other primates inhabit the forest, including several species of monkeys. You will transfer to the park office by 7am and set out for the chimpanzee tracking adventure. It is not as strenuous as the gorilla trek because Kibale has relatively soft terrain unlike Bwindi which is mountainous with sharp ridges. You will spend only hour with the chimps and return to the lodge for lunch.

After lunch you shall go for a nature walk in Bigodi wetlands which are home to several species of monkeys and birds. You shall also visit the local communities around Bigodi and get to learn about the cultures and traditions.

Optional: Chimpanzee habituation experience

You do the chimpanzee habituation experience which enables you spend the full day in the Kibale forest with the chimps.

Day 9 – transfer to Kampala

After breakfast you shall travel back to Kampala.

Day 10 – Departure

Today you may do a tour of Kampala City and in the evening take your flight back home.

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