11 days Rwanda and Uganda wildlife tour

On this 11 day Rwanda and Uganda wildlife adventure tour you shall explore the mountain forests and volcanoes in the Albertine Rift valley to see the chimpanzees, mountain gorillas and rare species of monkeys and unique wildlife while experiencing one of the best scenery in Africa. You will then wind up the tour with a relaxing safari experience in the savanna on the fringes of the Albertine rift valley and see a number of animals such as buffaloes, elephants, lions, and antelopes, etc…

Day 1 – Arrival in Kigali

Today you shall arrive in Rwanda, meet your tour driver upon landing at the airport and transfer to your hotel.

If you arrive earlier you may go out for a Kigali city tour and visit some sites such as the genocide museum, local markets, art galleries, etc…

Day 2 – travel to Nyungwe and afternoon canopy walk

A Canopy Walk tour in Nyungwe Forest National Park Rwanda

After breakfast you shall check out and travel to Nyungwe National Park in southwestern Rwanda. After checking into your lodge and having lunch you shall transfer Uwinka in Nyungwe for the canopy walk adventure. The canopy walkway gives you incredible views across rolling forested landscape. You also get to peek into the forest canopy and see at eye level some wildlife that is hard to see from the ground such as birds and monkeys

Day 3 – chimpanzee trekking and Angolan Colobus monkey tracking in Nyungwe

chimpanzee in nyungwe forest

At 5am, after your breakfast you shall set out for the chimpanzee trekking adventure in Nyungwe National Park. Nyungwe National Park has a population of about 500 chimps of which two groups have been habituated for the chimpanzee adventures.  The terrain is mountainous and a bit rugged so expect a tough trek. You may take from 1 hour to 2 hours to find the chimps and you shall be allowed to spend 1 hour observing them. The chimps are very active primates, constantly moving through trees as they pick food and hunt monkeys, making loud screams and panty hoots as a way of communication. It is a quite a thrill to be with them. After the adventure you shall return to the lodge for lunch and relaxation

Later in the day you shall go for a light monkey tracking experience on the edge of Nyungwe forest. You shall track a group of Colobus monkeys and view them up close. The monkeys offer good photography.

Optional: Tea experience

Instead of the Colobus monkey tracking you can visit a tea plantation and factory near Nyungwe forest and see how tea is grown, harvested and processed into final product. It is a very interesting experience!

Day 4 – travel to Musanze and afternoon canoe ride on River Mukungwa

After early breakfast you shall check out and travel north to Volcanoes National Park.

canoe ride on River Mukungwa in Musanze

After settling in and having lunch you shall go for the afternoon canoe ride on River Mukungwa. This is a half day experience in the foothills of the Virungas. The canoe ride on River Mukungwa is a thrilling adventure as row down with the river encountering rapids. The ride exposes you to the lush countryside and beautiful rolling highlands. You also get to meet the locals who going about their lives in the countryside.

Day 5 – hiking in volcanoes national park

trekking the trail to dian fossey tomb and karisoke research center

Today you shall sent out for a hiking adventure in the magnificent Virunga Mountains. Depending on your ability, you can choose the Dian Fossey tomb trail which offers a relatively easier trek. The Dian Fossey trail is located in the valley between two volcanoes (Mt. Bisoke & Mt. Karisimbi) that leads like to burial place and former research site of famous primatologist Dian Fossey. The trek goes through beautiful forest filled with rare mountain plant life and can stumble on gorillas along the trail. It is a 3 – 5 hours round trip.

Alternatively, mountain climbing enthusiasts can instead opt for the Mount Bisoke hike which is the most popular volcano hike in the park. Mt. Bisoke (3711m) has a beautiful crater lake at the summit which is a sight to behold after tough trek on the mountain. This is a 6 – 8 hour round trip depending on one’s fitness.

Day 6 – golden monkeys trek in Volcanoes National Park and transfer to Bwindi

a golden monkey in the potato fields

Today you for another exciting yet light adventure in Volcanoes National Park, the golden monkey trek. The golden monkeys, like the gorillas, are unique to the Albertine rift valley. They live in the bamboo vegetation at the base of the mountains. They are very attractive and quite active. You will track the a habituated group with over 100 members which you will find within an hour of trekking through the lush bamboo.

After the trek you shall have lunch and transfer to Bwindi National Park in Uganda.

Day 7 – gorilla trekking in Bwindi National park

gorilla in rwanda

Today you shall go for the gorilla trekking adventure in Bwindi forest national park. You will have early breakfast and report to the park office at 7am for allocation of the gorilla families. Bwindi forest is home to more than 400 gorillas and about 19 groups have been habituated for the gorilla adventures. After briefing you shall begin the trek into the Bwindi jungles to find the gorillas. Depending on the location of your assigned gorilla group and their movements it could take you from a few minutes to several hours to find the gorillas and you will be allowed not more than 1 hour with the gorillas.

Optional: gorilla habituation experience

Instead of the gorilla trek which allows just 1 hour with the gorillas you can do the gorilla habituation experience which offers a chance to spend more time with the gorillas. The habituation experience is 4 hours long including the time take track down the gorillas.

Day 8 – transfer to Queen Elizabeth national park

After breakfast you shall travel to Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Day 9 – game drive and boat safari in Queen Elizabeth National Park

queen elizabeth national park

You will be up by 6.30am for breakfast and set out for the safari drive in the savannah to see animals and enjoy the wonderful scenery. Animals to see include among other Elephants, Buffaloes, Antelopes, Lions, etc… This will be a 3 – 4 hour safari.

After lunch you shall go for the boat safari on the Kazinga Channel. The Kazinga Channel is a stream of water joining lakes Edward and George. Hippos, Crocodiles, Buffaloes and other game can be sighted a few meters from the bank. This will be a 2 hour cruise.

Day 10 – transfer to Ishasha for tree climbing lions game drive and sun downer experience

tree climbing lions ishasha uganda

After breakfast you shall check out and transfer to the remote Ishasha region of the park. This area is famous for the tree climbing lions which are often sighted in fig trees basking after a morning hunt. You will do a game drive in Ishasha with the hope of spotting the tree climbing lions. Have lunch at the lodge relax. Later in the day you shall enjoy a sundowner in the park where you enjoy a meal and drink as you view the scenery and wildlife ahead of you.

Day 11 – another game drive and transfer back to Kigali for your evening flight.

You may do another game drive in Ishasha before checking out and heading to Kigali to catch your evening flight back home.

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