3 days Lake Mburo Park safari and Ankole cow farm experience

This 3 days trip takes you for a safari in Lake Mburo National Park to see wild animals and enjoy the beautiful savannah wild, and later visit a farm lodge for a local “life on the farm” experience of the Ankole long-horned cow. Lake Mburo National Park is situated in western Uganda among the Banyankore tribe which are known for cattle keeping and a lot of their cultures and traditions are centered on the native Ankole long horned cow. After a rewarding safari experience in Lake Mburo National Park you shall visit a local farm and learn about this graceful native Ankle long horned cow, join the local herdsmen on their routine grazing activities, milking the cows and other traditional activities involving the Ankole cow.

Tour itinerary

Day 1 – travel to Lake Mburo National Park, game drive and boat safari


You will set off from Kampala or Entebbe at 6.30am and travel to Lake Mburo National Park. The park is only 3.5 hour drive from Kampala making it the nearest park to Uganda’s capital city. Upon arrival you shall right away start your safari experience in the Lake Mburo National Park, driving through the tracks to watch the animals. Common animals you shall spot right away include: zebras, impalas, waterbucks, warthogs, buffaloes, etc…

After lunch you shall do the boat ride on Lake Mburo which is the largest lake in the park and give the park its name. You will see crocodiles, hippos, and lots of birds and enjoy the beautiful landscape.

Optional activity:

Night safari: After sunset you can go on a night game drive to look for the nocturnal wildlife such as the elusive hyenas and leopards which are active by this time

Day 2 – Morning safari walk in Lake Mburo National Park and transfer to farm lodge


Early rise and set out for walk in the bush to see animals up close and enjoy the scenic lush landscape.

Ankole long horned cows

You shall check out and transfer to the farm lodge, have lunch and settle in and later go out to join the herdsmen who are grazing the animals. Interacting with the herdsmen and the beautiful Ankole long-horned cows you will learn so much about this unique cow

Day 3 –Ankole cow farm experience and transfer back to Kampala

Ankole cow

You arise early to join the herdsmen in milking the cows and preparing milk products and then take the cows for grazing. You will also go through the local communities and see other local farming activities such as growing crops. Later you shall return to the lodge for late breakfast, check out and head back to Kampala

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