Top things to do in Uganda

Uganda which is famously called the Pearl of Africa offers a lot of things to do, and this is because she has so much and contained in such a small territory. Uganda is also sometimes called a minified Africa because she has a bit of what almost each African country has.

Gorilla tracking & habituation

Uganda is best known for the gorillas and most tourists visiting the country are coming for this unique encounter with the mountain gorillas in their pristine jungles. The most popular and more affordable gorilla tourism activity is the gorilla trekking which allows visitors to spend 1 hour with the gorillas. For those that want more, the gorilla habituation experience gives visitors a chance to spend up to 4 hours experiencing the lives of these great apes. The gorilla habituation experience allows a very small number of tourists hence more exclusive, but of course at a higher price than the gorilla trek.

Chimpanzee tracking & habituation

The chimpanzees are man’s closest relatives who share more than 98% DNA. The encounter with these cousins is nothing like the encounter with the gorillas even when many people cannot easily tell a gorilla from a chimp. The chimps have intense vocalizations and actions which are quite a thrill to witness. The ordinary chimpanzee trekking in Uganda gives you a chance to spend 1 hour following these incredible apes in the jungle. For a more immersive encounter, Uganda also offers the chimpanzee habituation experience that allows up to 4 hours with the chimps.

Big game safaris

Uganda is in the shadow of the regional safari giants Kenya and Tanzania when it comes to the big game watching safaris. However with 4 game parks & several wildlife reserves that host a wide variety of animals and more varied landscapes and scenery, Uganda offers a satisfying wildlife safari and without the huge crowds in Kenya & Tanzania. Each of the parks & reserves has something unique to offer in terms of scenery, landscape, different animals and activities. The parks offering big game safaris in Uganda include: Murchison Falls National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Kidepo Valley National Park, & Lake Mburo National Park.

Monkey tracking

Monkey tracking is another adventure that nature lovers & photography enthusiasts can do in Uganda in addition to the two popular primate activities, i.e., gorilla & chimp trekking. Uganda has many species of monkeys in the jungles. Among these are some exceptional species that are endangered, unique to the region and incredibly beautiful. One such monkeys are the golden monkeys which like the mountain gorillas are only found in mountains in the Albertine rift valley. Golden monkey trekking is the most popular monkey tracking adventure and is done in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park which is part of the magnificent Virunga mountains.

Hiking & Mountain Climbing

Uganda is simply a hiking haven, with many mountains and hiking trails. Even the none experienced hiker can find a trail he or she can enjoy. The Rwenzori mountains with snow-capped peaks have been declared by the international mountain climbing community among the best in the world, offering a good hiking challenge and incredible beauty. The volcanic cones of the Virunga mountains, notably Mt. Sabyinyo offer one of the best hiking experiences. And the Sipi Falls in the foothills of the Mt. Elgon are perhaps the most popular destination for easier hikes that are in fact frequented most by hiking enthusiast and plain nature lovers as the Sipi trail offers no serious challenge but expose to one of the most beautiful falls.

Biking/cycling – biking along the Albertine rift valley

Uganda’s scenic rolling landscape along the Albertine rift valley in the west & south-west of the country must be one of the best cycling places in the world. The stunning landscape is dotted by hundreds of beautiful crater lakes, jungles & forests that are home to chimps & monkeys, lush grasslands, large tea gardens that create such beautiful green plains on slopes or hills.  You also can cycle in many other places in Uganda and explore the different landscapes and wildlife, different weather, different people and cultures, etc…

Nature walks & Forest bathing in Uganda

Taking a walk in Uganda’s forests and jungles brings you up close with nature and exposes you to a lot of native wildlife including birds, butterflies, monkeys, reptiles, important plants such as medicinal ones, trees, etc… Other than enjoying the sights and sounds of the African jungle, immersing yourself in the forest termed as forest bathing has massive health benefits as it is said to enhance immunity. There are many forests and natural places for nature walks in Uganda such as Mabira forest which is just an hour’s drive from the capital Kampala.

White water rafting and other adventures along the Nile.

Uganda offers one of the best white water rafting adventures in the world done on the mighty river Nile in Jinja – the adventure capital of East Africa. One can experience raging rapids of up to grade 5. The Nile simmers through a beautiful countryside spicing up the rafting experience as you watch several wildlife, take in the beautiful scenery, see the locals in the countryside. Other than rafting the Nile offers many other activities for the adventure lovers and adrenaline junkies such as kayaking, tubing, surfing and quad biking and horseback along the banks.

Birdwatching in Uganda home of number one birding spot in Africa

Uganda boasts a bird list of 1073 species and counting, which is about half of the species in Africa and 10% of the world. Birding in Uganda will give you both east African and west African species as the country is located at the meeting point of the east African savannahs and the west African jungles. Uganda being a small country means you can bird the whole country in three weeks and record more than 600 species. And a top reason you should bird in Uganda, Uganda Africa’s number one birding spot, Bwindi forest which is also home of the gorillas.

Culture and local community experiences

Uganda was declared the most ethnically diverse country in the world. So many different tribes of people with unique cultures that can be witnessed through different traditions, arts, dances, economic activities, leadership organization through kingdoms & chiefdoms. Ugandans are also some of the friendliest people in the world. You can visit a rural community and experience their day to day lives, visit museums and historical monuments, cultural institutions such as palaces,

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