Trips Combining Rwanda and Uganda

mountain gorilla in bwindi forest uganda

This tour offers the affordable gorilla trekking tour in Uganda which has more than half of the remaining mountain gorillas. But first you will visit the Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda and enjoy a beautiful trek in the magnificent Virungas. You will be tracking the beautiful golden monkeys which live in bamboo forests at the base of the mountain.

giraffe in Akagera National Park

This tour offers you the a short safari in Rwanda to see several animals and experience the savanna environment in Rwanda’s Akagera National Park before going to do the amazing gorilla trekking adventure in Uganda which is more affordable than in Rwanda


chimpanzee in Nyungwe forest

If you are visiting Rwanda and are interested in seeing the chimps and the gorillas but cannot afford the expensive gorilla permit in Rwanda then this is the one of the trips to book. You do the chimpanzee trek in Nyungwe forest which is the destination for chimp tours in Rwanda and then transfer to Bwindi national park in Uganda for the more affordable gorilla trekking tour. The gorilla trekking permit in Uganda costs $700 while it costs $1500 in Rwanda.

hiking Mt. Karisimbi

Looking for a lovely hiking experience in addition to a rewarding jungle trekking experience in Africa? We think this is the best tour you can do. On this tour you shall hike the highest of the volcanoes in the  Virunga mountains from Rwanda, and then continue to Uganda for a trekking adventure in the thick jungles of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park to find the mountain gorillas

giraffe in Akagera National Park

Planning on visiting Rwanda for a wildlife vacation that includes the trekking to see the gorillas but find the gorilla permit in Rwanda quite pricey ($1500)? You can instead do the gorilla trekking adventure in Uganda where the permit is still affordable and the Uganda gorilla parks are a short distance from Rwanda.

encountering the mountain gorillas rwandaThis is the ideal for nature lovers as it takes you deep into the jungles of Rwanda and Uganda to see the gorillas, chimpanzees and many types of monkeys including the stunning golden monkeys. You will conquer the Virunga mountains in Rwanda which are home to golden monkeys, and in Uganda you shall experience the gorilla and chimpanzee tracking adventures.

canopy walk in Nyungwe National Park

This 11 day trip through Rwanda and Uganda covers some of the top destinations in the Albertine rift valley which is known possess incredible natural beauty and a range of unique wildlife. You will trek through mountain forests and volcanoes to enjoy one of best the scenery in Africa and track down primates such as the gorillas and chimps. The trip winds up with a safari experience in of the beautiful parks located on the edge of the Albertine rift valley where you will see several animals such as lions, elephants, buffaloes, antelopes, etc…

Bronzy sunbird in Musanze

This birding tour covers Rwanda’s top birding spots including 5 of Rwanda’s 7 Important Birding Areas (IBAs) and then extends into Uganda for birding and gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park the number one birding spot in Africa. In addition to a wide range of bird species, you will also record many wild animals in Rwanda’s Akagera National Park, several primates the most prominent being chimpanzees in Nyungwe forest in Rwanda and the gorillas in Uganda

mabamba shoebill

This birding and wildlife safari trip takes you to the most popular birding destinations within Uganda and Rwanda. You will cover a range of habitats and beautiful landscapes. The trip starts in Uganda where you cover wetland, savanna and forest habitats, and wind up in Rwanda which will especially supplement with more Albertine rift endemic birds in the volcanoes and mountain forests.

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