Birding in Kigali City – Birding spots and birds around Kigali City

Kigali is the entry point into Rwanda via the Kigali International Airport and therefore offers your first birding opportunities in Rwanda. There are a number of renowned birding spots within the city that for the visiting new birders provides a good introduction to some local birds of Rwanda. Covering the wetlands, forest, woodlands, and open green spaces around the city can provide over 200 species in a day of Birdwatching.

Birding Spots in the Kigali City

Nyarutarama Lake

A convenient birding spot in Kigali, Nyarutarama Lake, located near the Kigali Golf Course, has paths around it which offer excellent birdwatching at the lake, providing a good count of water species. Some of the birds you will see here include: Yellow-billed Duck, Squacco Heron, White-faced Whistling Duck, Hottentot Teal, Red-billed Teal, African Spoonbill, Spur-winged Geese, Little Grebe, Common Moorhen, Hadada Ibis, Black Crake, Black Egret, Cater Egret, and Black-headed Heron among others. The vegetation on the fringes of the lake provides many birds such as Black Kite, African Fish Eagle, Pygmy Kingfisher, White-browed Coucal, Grey-capped Warbler, Winding Cisticola, Tawny-flanked Prinia, Paradise Flycatcher, African Hobby, Swamp Flycatcher, etc… A little further to the east of the lake is acacia woodlands that will add to your list with some raptors such as the Mountain Buzzard, and several smaller birds such as Swifts, Martin, Swallow, Sunbirds, etc…

The Nyabarongo Weltands

The Nyabarongo Weltands offer good birdwatching. The Nyabarongo wetlands can be approached from many points and a walk along the edges will provide many water birds like Spur-winged Geese, Great White Egret, Cattle Egret, Little Egret, Squacco Heron, African Openbill, Yellow-billed Stork, Grey Heron, Black-headed Heron, Great Swamp Warbler, White-winged Warbler, Long-toed Lapwing, Yellow Wagtail, Common Snipe, African Marsh Harrier, African Jacana, Papyrus Gonolek, Black-headed Gonolek, Goliath Heron…

Mount Kigali, Forest

Mount Kigali which is the largest hill in the vicinity of Kigali City has a forest atop which is a worthy birding spot and some of the birds you can find include: African Paradise Flycatcher, White-eyed Slaty Flycatcher, Southern Black Flycatcher, Red-chested Cuckoo, Green-backed Camaroptera, Thick-billed Seedeater, Tropical Boubou, Northern Puffback, Common Bulbul, Bronze Mannikin, Yellow-fronted Canary, etc…

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