1 Day Jinja Tour and visit to Sezibwa Falls and Mabira Forest

Jinja day tour program

The one day Jinja tour starts as early as possible with the drivsoer guide picking you from the hotel in Kampala by 6.30am. We aim to beat the menacing traffic jam through the city and save enough time to be able to enjoy all the day’s activities without rush.

sezibwa falls uganda

Sezibwa Falls tour

After roughly 40 minutes of driving we get to our first destination of the day, which is the Sezibwa Falls. These spectacular falls are situated about 20 miles along the Kampala – Jinja highway. They are surrounded by lush greenery of beautiful lawns, big trees, shrubs, bushes and a small forest. The site is alive with activity from birds, monkeys, butterflies and other wildlife which inhabits the Sezibwa River and the nearby jungles. The Sezibwa are an important Buganda Cultural Heritage Site where traditional worship of ancestral spirits is still practiced. There is an interesting tale that the Sezibwa falls and the river were created by strong spirits which then decided to stay at Sezibwa. The traditionalists then set up shrines at the site to worship and make sacrifices to these spirits in return for blessings and favors. A site attendant will take you on a one hour guided tour around the falls to explore the natural beauty and learn about this traditional cultural heritage.

Nature walk in Mabira forest

After you are done with Sezibwa, return to the highway, drive for roughly twenty minutes and get to our next destination which is Mabira Forest. Mabira is the biggest forest in the central region of Uganda. It spans 306 square kilometers of predominantly secondary forest which has been growing for the last 100 years. The forest supports an impressive diversity of life which includes 312 species of trees and shrub of which some of the shrubs have been discovered to be unique to Mabira and not found anywhere else. It is home to 316 bird species, 219 butterflies, 97 moths and 35 species of small mammals such as Duikers, Bushbucks, Squirrels, Red-tailed Monkeys, and Grey-cheeked Mangabey. There are good trails in the forest which will give you access to plenty of wildlife in the forest. There is a large group of Grey-cheeked Managabeys which has been habituated in Mabira so you have a good chance of seeing them. Transfer to the Visitors Center at the Mabira Eco-tourism Site, meet the site guide and set off for on 2 hour trek to explore the natural beauty of Mabira Forest, enjoy the peace and tranquility of being close to nature. When you come back,  return to the highway and proceed to Jinja.

Boat ride to the Source of the River Nile in Jinja


You shall have lunch in Jinja at a hotel by the Nile, relax briefly before going for the tour at Source of the River Nile. This is the main highlight of a one day tour to Jinja. You shall take a boat trip on River Nile and cruise upstream to the exact spot marked the source of the Nile. Water bubbles can be seen here which signals water sprouting from the ground before it mixes with water from Lake Victoria to flow northwards. Enjoy plenty of picture moments and observe plenty of wildlife on the island, along the shores and across the green landscape. Bird lovers are in for a treat as the area is rich with lots of water birds such as cormorants, herons, kingfishers, pelicans, etc… This is a one hour boat ride, return to meet the driver and leave for Kampala, arriving in the evening.

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