21 Days Rwenzori Mountain Climbing and Uganda wildlife tour

This 21 days tour offers the ultimate mountain climbing and wildlife adventure vacation in Uganda. The tour takes you for the incredible hiking expedition in the Rwenzori Mountains including climbing to the snow capped peaks of the Rwenzori mountains. The Rwenzori Mountains are ranked the most beautiful mountains ranges in Africa and offer the best mountain hiking challenge on the continent. In addition to climbing the Rwenzori Mountains you shall experience the top wildlife adventures in Uganda including safaris in the savannah to see a variety of animals, and trekking in the rugged jungles to see the gorillas and chimpanzees.

Tour itinerary

Day 1 – arrival in Uganda

Today you will be received at Entebbe International Airport and transferred to your hotel to relax away the jetlag and spend the day at leisure.

Optional activity:

Sunset cruise on Lake Victoria – depending on your arrival schedule, in the evening you can on a sunset cruise on Lake Victoria, Africa’s biggest lake and enjoy the beautiful sights across while relaxing from the jetlag

Day 2 – travel to Murchison Falls National Park and rhino tracking in Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

At the 7am you shall leave for Murchison Falls National Park which is Uganda’s biggest park and the most popular game park for safaris because it has a variety of animals and of course the spectacular Murchison Falls.

Along the way to Murchison Falls National Park you shall stop over at the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary to see the only rhinos in the wild in Uganda. You shall go on a guided walk on the sanctuary to see the Rhinos from a few meters away.

Day 3 – game drive and boat cruise with hike to top of the Murchison Falls


After an early breakfast you shall set out for game drive in Murchison Falls National Park to see animals and enjoy the beautiful savanna. Common animals to be sighted include: Giraffes, elephants, buffaloes, antelopes, warthogs, and monkeys. Other possible but not guaranteed sightings include lions, hyenas, and leopards. After 4 hours you shall return to the lodge for relaxation and lunch. At the 2pm you shall go for a boat cruise along the River Nile which goes through the park and hosts an array of wildlife and common sightings include crocodiles and hippos, while antelopes, elephants can also be sighted drinking along the river banks. At the end of the boat cruise which is at the bottom of the spectacular Murchison Falls you shall leave the boat and go on a guide hike to the top of the Murchison Falls and witness the whole night exploding after squeezing through a tiny space between the rocks to produce the world’s strongest waterfalls

Day 4 – travel to Kibale national park

After breakfast you shall check out and head to Kibale National Park, driving along the scenic rift valley escarpment.

Day 5 – chimp trekking in Kibale National Park and nature walk in Bigodi wetlands

chimpanzee tracking ugandaToday you shall do the exciting Uganda chimpanzee trekking adventure in Kibale National Park. Kibale is home to the largest population of chimps in Uganda and the main destination for the chimp tours in Uganda. You shall report to park office by 7am to meet the park guides and set off into the jungle for the chimpanzee tracking adventure. The chimpanzee tracking adventure allows you one hour with the chimps after finding them.

You shall return to the lodge for lunch and relaxation.

After lunch you shall go for a walk in the Bigodi wetlands near Kibale National Park and spot several species of monkeys, birds and plants and enjoy the beautiful scenery. You will also tour the local communities near the wetlands to learn about their traditions and cultures.

Optional activity:

chimpanzee habituation experience – You can choose to do the chimpanzee habituation experience which allows you a full day with the chimps in the forest, seeing them from the time they wake early the morning and follow them throughout the day until they make new nests in the trees to sleep. This is a great option for photography

Day 6 – transfer to the Rwenzori Mountains and afternoon community tour

Today you shall check out and transfer to the base of the Rwenzori Mountains to acclimatize before the Rwenzori Climbing expedition.

In the afternoon you shall go on a tour in the local community to see the way of life and learn about their traditions and cultures many of which are attached to the great Rwenzori Mountains.

Day 7 – transfer to the park office at Nyakalengija and start the Rwenzori climbing adventure along the Central Circuit

Nyakalengija (1615m) to Nyabitaba Hut (2650m)

Hiking time: 5 – 7 hours

Ascent: 1200m

Day 8 – Climbing Mountain Rwenzori

Nyabitaba Hut (2650m) to John Matte hut (3415m)

Hiking time: 7 hours

Ascent: 915m

Day 9 – Climbing Mountain Rwenzori

John Matte hut (3415m) to Bujuku hut (3960m)

Hiking time: 3 – 5 hours

Ascent: 560m

Day 10 – Climbing Mountain Rwenzori

Bujuku hut (3960m) to Elena hut (4560m)

Hiking time: 3 – 5 hours

Ascent: 470m

Day 11 – Climbing Mountain Rwenzori

margarita peak, mt. stanley, rwenzori mountains

Elena hut (3960m)  to Margherita peak(5109m) to Lake Kitandara hut(4020m)

Hiking time: 3 – 5 hours

Ascent: 670m – Descent: 1090m

Day 12 – Climbing Mountain Rwenzori

Lake Kitandara (4020) to Guy Yeoman hut (3260m)

Hiking time: 5 – 7 hours

Descent: 1000m

Day 13 – Climbing Mountain Rwenzori

Guy Yeoman hut (3260m) to Nyabitaba (2650m)

Hiking time: 5 – 7 hours

Descent: 600m

Day 14 – End of Mountain Rwenzori climbing adventure and transfer to Queen Elizabeth National Park

Nyabitaba (2650m) to Nyakalengija (1615m)

Hiking time: 2 – 3 hours

Climb down from the Rwenzori and transfer Queen Elizabeth National Park

Today you shall climb down from the Rwenzori Mountains and transfer to Queen Elizabeth National Park which sits in the shadows of the Rwenzoris.

Day 15 – game drive and afternoon boat cruise in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Today you shall have a casual safari in Queen Elizabeth National Park. You will go out for a game drive to watch animals and later have a relaxing sunset cruise on the Kazinga Channel to see the hippos, crocodiles and plenty of the wildlife along the banks of the channel.

Day 16 – Transfer to Ishasha for tree climbing adventure and sundowner

tree climbing lions ishasha uganda

Today you shall go for a safari in Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park which is famous for harboring the unique tree climbing lions. You will do a game drive to look for the tree climbing lions and spot more animals as well. In the late afternoon you shall enjoy a sundowner, bite a snack and enjoy a drink while taking in the lovely wilderness. Overnight in Ishasha

Day 17 – Transfer to Bwindi National Park

After breakfast you shall travel to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park the home of the mountain gorillas. Spend the day at leisure taking in the lush Bwindi jungle.

Day 18 – Gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

mountain gorillas bwindi uganda

Today you shall go into Bwindi Impenetrable National Park for the amazing Uganda gorilla trekking adventure. Bwindi is home to more than 459 gorillas and about 19 gorilla families have been habituated for the gorilla trek.

Optional activity:

gorilla habituation experience – the gorilla habituation experience is a 4 hour adventure that involves joining the gorilla trackers and researchers in habituating a gorilla family. This activity gives a chance to spend more time with the gorillas than the gorilla trek.

Day 19 – Transfer to Lake Bunyonyi

Today you shall transfer to Lake Bunyonyi one of the beautiful lakes and the epitome of relaxation. You shall do a relaxing boat ride on the lake to explore the breathtaking scenery.

Day 20 – Transfer to Kampala

After breakfast you shall check out and transfer to Entebbe or Kampala

Day 21 – Departure

Today you shall be transferred to the airport for your flight out

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