Cancelling a gorilla trekking ticket in Uganda – Can I be refunded? cancellation terms and refund policy

The gorilla trekking permit or ticket is central to a safari in Uganda that includes the popular gorilla trekking or tracking activity. Without the gorilla trekking ticket/permit you cannot take part in this once in a lifetime experience, and yet the tickets are limited in number as only 8 are issued per day for each gorilla family that is available for the gorilla trekking tour. In fact, before confirming any other arrangements of the safari trip to Uganda, confirming the date of the gorilla trek and buying the ticket is the priority.

The gorilla ticket is purchased many months in advance before the gorilla tour and one becomes tied to the trip because of it.

However, a concern for many travelers is what happens if they cannot make it for the trip or trek due to unforeseen issues? Is the gorilla permit/ticket refundable? Can it be rescheduled? Can I resell it?

Below I discuss about cancelling the gorilla tracking permit

Can the gorilla trekking permit in Uganda be refunded? Yes, the gorilla trekking permit/ticket can be refunded.

Here is the cancellation and refund policy by the Uganda Wildlife Authority which is body of the gorilla trekking tickets in Uganda:

Cancel less than 8 days to trekking date – no refund at all

Cancel 9 – 45 days to trekking date – 25% refund

Cancel 46 – 90 days to trekking date – 50% refund

Cancel 91 days and above to trekking date – 70% refund

What happens I travel for the gorilla trek and on the day of the trek I wake up and cannot trek because of a sickness or injury? Do I lose it all?! No you don’t lose it all

If on the day of the trek you are unable to join the gorilla tracking because of the an injury or a sickness, especially if you catch a contagious disease that can put the gorillas at risk, you can be refunded 50% of the ticket.  You will have to report to the park office a day before or early in the morning of the trek. You will be required to present a doctor’s report for processing your refund.

Can I instead reschedule a gorilla trekking ticket and come another time?

Once you have bought a permit, you are allowed to reschedule it once to a new date as long as there is availability on the new date.

Can I resell the gorilla tracking permit?

This may be the best option if you are cancelling and planning to come another time. You can resell your permit if there is demand on your dates. However, this option is easier if you have booked your ticket or tour through a local tour agent who would easily sell to another tour agent or would know if someone is looking for a ticket on your cancelled dates.

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