Is Rwanda the cleanest country in Africa?

When you first arrive in Rwanda through Kigali airport, driving from the airport down into Kigali City the first thing to strike you is the impeccable cleanliness and orderliness you are ushered into. I must say no first-time visitor is ever ready for his/her first impression of Rwanda, and Kigali more specifically. Driving the very tidy and clean roads (that are well-lit at night), passing by nicely cut lawns, going through neat streets of modern high-rising buildings.…well you almost feel you are in a first world country.

Visitors are always blown away by what they find in Rwanda especially when they compare with what they have witnessed in other African countries. And the question is always, but how has Rwanda managed to achieve this?

But how has Rwanda managed to be the cleanest country in Africa?

Umuganda – a community consensus turns culture

To get everyone involved in cleaning their communities, the government introduced Umuganda Day which is the day everyone gets out; with rakes, brooms, spades, and hoes, etc… in hand, to clean their neighborhoods. Everyone in the country participates including the president. Umuganda Day is on the last Saturday of the month, starting from morning to midday. So for everyone, before proceeding with their business for the day, have to get involved in the cleaning. This initiative has become a part of Rwanda’s culture and built a sense of responsibility among the local people who want to live in a clean environment.

Focused and accountable leadership

Everything starts with leadership and the biggest crisis in Africa has largely been the leadership crisis! The uncompromisingly focused leadership of Rwanda in President Paul Kagame and his government have set out to change the narrative of Rwanda and Rwandans which is this narrative about African countries being incapable of building modern clean, orderly and safe societies devoid of chaos and dirt which characterize many African cities and countries.

One can say, Rwanda is a utopia in Africa

Strict laws

Rwanda is a country of laws! Everyone follows the law. Laws such as against public nuisance, and littering are strictly upheld by the local people and over time has changed the mindset of the local people who frown upon disorder.

Challenging past a motivational factor

Rwanda’s unpleasant past has been an extra motivation for the people of Rwanda to change the image of a country that two decades could be compared to hell, as the population turn on each other during the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi. The Rwandan people have had to sacrifice to build a country that gives them dignity and commands respect from outsiders. When you visit Rwanda, the image of the Rwandan you had will change forever!

Tour Kigali City and know the story of Rwanda

Are you visiting Rwanda for the ultimate gorilla trekking in the virunga mountains and chimpanzee trek in Nyungwe forest or even planning a wildlife viewing safari tour to Akagera National Park, take a day to explore Kigali City and learn about the story of Rwanda and her journey to where it currently is

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