Rwanda chimpanzee tracking permits – cost of permit, how to book and buy

Chimpanzee trekking in Rwanda is done in the Nyungwe Forest National Park in the southwest of the country. To participate in the trekking to see the chimps you are required to have a chimpanzee trekking/tracking permit or call it ticket or pass.

There three communities of chimpanzees in Nyungwe National Park that were habituated and can be used for chimpanzee trekking tours. A maximum number of 8 persons are allowed to visit one group of chimps in a day. That means a maximum of 8 chimpanzee tracking permits or tickets or passes are issued for each chimp group, and a total of 24 chimpanzees  trekking permits are available for booking in Rwanda per day.

What is the cost of the Rwanda chimpanzee trekking permit?

$150 $75 $25

FNR = Foreign non-resident (international tourist)

FR = Foreign Rwanda resident

RC = Rwandan citizen or national

EAC = East African citizen

*The fees above include the guide

Are there other park fees I need to pay apart from the chimp permit?

Yes, the chimpanzee tracking permit does not NOT include park entry fees which are paid independently. The pricing of the park entry fees is as follows:

$100 $60 $60 $10

FNR = Foreign non-resident (international tourist)

FR = Foreign Rwanda resident

RC = Rwandan citizen or national

EAC = East African citizen

AC = African Citizens (other than East African citizens)

What are the terms for buying a Rwanda chimpanzee trekking permit?

Only persons aged 16 years and above are allowed do chimpanzee trekking in Rwanda.

At booking time tourists are asked to send a copy of their passport (international tours) or identity card (nationals) which will be used to confirm and verify the age of the tourist.

How do I buy/book the chimpanzee trekking permit in Rwanda?

In 2020 the management of Nyungwe National Park was transferred from the Rwandan government (Rwanda Development Board) to African Parks Network (Nyungwe Management Company), same organization that has efficiently managed Akagera Game Lodge.

You can buy your Rwanda chimp permit by sending an email African Parks

Or you can contact a tour company to manage your booking for a chimpanzee permit. As Nature Trails East Africa we organize chimpanzee trekking tours to Nyungwe and when you book our tour we manage all bookings including buying your chimpanzee permit.

Some of our short chimpanzee trips to book are:

2 day chimpanzee trekking and canopy walk

3 days Nyungwe tour with chimpanzee trekking

When I do I buy the chimpanzee trekking permit?

Since only a limited 24 chimpanzee tracking permits/tickets are available per day you have to book your permit as soon as possible, even a year in advance. Take note of the high tourism from July to September when the permits sell out quickly. If you plan on traveling this period it is advised to book your permit well in advance.

Also, many travelers track on the weekend throughout the year, you therefore need to book your permit or tour as soon as possible if you are planning the chimpanzee trek for the weekend

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