Top 5 weekend getaways from Kampala

1 – Ssese islands

The Ssese Islands is the most popular getaway destination in Uganda. The Ssese is a collection of 84 islands located on Lake Victoria. Some islands of Ssese have been developed for tourism, with beautiful sandy beaches, cozy beach hotels, boat cruises, wildlife trails which visitors can take to and observe nature, and enjoy the best fish which you catch from the lake and roast in the evening. The best developed island is the main Bugala Island that has nice beautiful, the most popular being the Brovad Sands Beach Hotel, and a forest for nature walks to spot monkeys and other wildlife. Ssese Islands can be reached by a ferry from the shores at Entebbe to Bugala and it is a 3 – 4 hours

2 – Bulago Islands

Bulago Island is arguably the most beautiful island on Lake Victoria, and is also one of the most accessible from Kampala. It located about 2 hours boat ride from the shores at Ggaba Kampala. The Island has excellent beach hotels and the best beaches. Bulago is perfect weekend getaway more so for couples who just want some time to themselves away from the noisy city! Popular hotels include the Pineapple Bay Resort.

3 – Ngamba Island

Ngamba Island is a small forested island 100 acres is located in Lake Victoria, 45 minutes boat ride from shores in Entebbe. The island has a chimpanzee sanctuary with over 40 chimps, and is a popular spot for day visits to watch chimps for an hour. The island is also a wonderful place to retreat for a weekend and spend relaxing time on the shore of lake Victoria, watch birds, and can also participate in the caretaker programs. Nice accommodation is available

4 – Samuka islands – Jinja

Samuka Island is located in Lake Victoria, about 30 minutes boat ride from the Source of the Nile in Jinja. The island has nice accommodation facility, and is an ideal place to retreat for a weekend and enjoy the tranquility while you can enjoy boat cruises on Lake Victoria and visit to the source of the Nile. The island receives flocks of water birds.

5 – Mabira – Rainforest lodge

Mabira forest is the biggest forest in central Uganda. It is well situated along the Kampala – Jinja highway and can be reached within an hour’s drive from Kampala. A weekend spent at the Mabira Rainforest Lodge in the heart of the forest is a rewarding experience. Immerse in the tranquility and feel close to nature with the sweet songs of birds and chattering of monkeys and different noises of the forest. While in Mabira you can set out on walk in the forest and observe nature, glide through the forest canopy via the Zip line at the griffin falls!

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