New covid update for Uganda – no testing for fully vaccinated travelers going to and coming from Uganda

Uganda has announced a major update for travelling to Uganda, fully vaccinated travelers do not have to present a negative covid-19 test certificate.

Previous guidelines for travelers required that everyone coming to Uganda was supposed to present a negative test certificate of a PCR test done within 72 hours from the time of arrival in Uganda. This has been suspended for all fully vaccinated travelers.

However, all arriving travelers will have to show proof of full Covid-19 vaccination, except for children aged 5 years and below.

At the same time, fully vaccinated travelers departing from Uganda do not have show a negative covid-19 PCR test certificate before leaving Uganda. Travelers will only carry the negative result if their destination requires it.

Again, all departing travelers have to show proof of full vacation, except for children 5 years and below.

What about partially vaccinated or unvaccinated travelers coming or leaving Uganda?

Partially vaccinated or unvaccinated travelers will still follow the previous guideline of presenting a negative covid-19 test result taken within 72hr from time of departure or arrival.

Children aged 5 years and below are NOT required to present any test result

The decision to relax the restrictions is informed by the much reduced covid-19 infections across the globe and within Uganda.

Planning a safari trip to Uganda?

This is perhaps the best news if you have planned a trip to Uganda for the gorilla trekking and chimpanzee trekking adventures in the coming months as the PCR test result has been a requirement for the online Uganda visa application and was such an inconvenience!

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