Cancelling a gorilla trekking ticket/permit in Rwanda – Can I be refunded?

You need a gorilla trekking ticket or permit to do the gorilla tour in Rwanda. Without the ticket you cannot do the trek. The permit costs a whooping USD 1500 (fifteen hundred US Dollars) and you need to get it in advance because a small number is available per day. Only 8 people can track one gorilla group and there are 12 habituated groups for gorilla trekking in Rwanda.

You therefore need to book the gorilla permit well in advance so that you do not miss your preferred dates. More so, if you are planning to do the gorilla trekking during the high tourism season which is from June to mid-September.

After booking and buying the pricey Rwanda gorilla permit, one wonders what happens in case one cannot make it for the tour or trek? The covid 19 pandemic has made this question the more relevant after travel was interrupted and many people cancelled their travels or postponed them.

So, can you be refunded when you cancel a gorilla trekking permit in Rwanda?


Unfortunately, the gorilla trekking permit in Rwanda is not refundable after purchasing it.

Can the gorilla permit/ticket be postponed?

Since the start of the covid pandemic till the end of 2022, the government of Rwanda allows postponing a ticket/permit to another date two times.

Can I resell my permit/ticket?

Yes, you booking agent/tour operator can resell your permit to a new client or another tour company (if there is one inquiring to trek on your dates). This may be the best option for tourists that cancel and have no plan of visiting any time soon. However, to easily sell the permit your agent may discount it hence you may not get the full amount of the permit. This is something you would agree with your tour operator.

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